Control Surface response

We’ve been working on the control surface try to make it as responsive as possible.  I think we really have it dialed it well now.  It is super fast, has a light touch and aftertouch works very well too.

I’m not the most dexterous person, but even I can move pretty quickly on the instrument.

I also wanted to show the Sonic Palette’s aftertouch capability.  Here’s a demo of that:

The vibrato is subtle; channel pressure assigned to a filter cutoff.

Maker Faire

If you’re in the S.F. Bay Area this weekend, drop in and see me at Maker Faire.  I’ll be showing the Sonic Palette in the Experimental Music & Art Zone, located in Wing A of Fiesta Hall.
See me at Maker Faire!

DocProteus Layout

I recently sold a controller to a gentleman who has the handle DocProteus.  He requested a very logical layout:
DocProteus Layout

DocProteus Layout

It’s not surprising that I’ve gotten a request for this set up, it’s very similar to a guitar, with consistent 4ths.

Then I see this video by Roger Linn, with his super-awesome musical touch control surface.  It has the same layout!  Great minds…    Roger Linn Design – New Musical Instrument Prototype