Many possible note layouts

When I first started thinking about this instrument, I had some ideas about how I wanted the keys laid out. I was going for maximum range in a 2d arrangement with half-steps and fifths. Not being a string player, I thought it might be nice have lower notes near your body and high notes away. I later realized that it’s a 12 stringed violin, and you are looking down from the scroll.

If we view it from the players angle looking down,

Your view

then we get my original system looking like this:

Default layout

Christensen System (CS) layout (MIDI note number & pitch)

While I think this is a great system, strangely, not everyone thinks like me, so we now offer any arrangement you’d like as long as it fits in the 12 by 7 grid. Here is what we currently have programmed:

This is the most popular request by far. It’s like a seven-string guitar.

Guitar Layout

Guitar Layout

This next one is chromatic left to right and octaves going up. Kinda piano-like.



Below is like a seven string violin, adding one lower string and two higher strings.


And here are a couple of variations on the first, CS.

CS breaking at the tritone

CS breaking at the tritone

Having the tritone on the x -axis, as is above, is very interesting to me. Take a closer look at that. There are only two notes possible per x-axis.

CS with fourths

CS with fourths

There may be someone out there that wants to work with the implications of a true 12-string guitar.

That’s what we have so far. I am including all of these plus some channel splits on the new model. There are many other possible arrangements. Please contact me if you have ideas for other layouts you think would work. Just be sure to put them into the 7 by 12 matrix.

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