Bumpy Keys

Some have commented on how bumpy the key surface is. This feature, is as far as I know, is unique to the Sonic Palette. MPC and drum machine pads are flat. Not so with the Sonic Palette’s keys. On each pad or key is a small dome. There are a couple of reasons for them. First, I wanted some kind of tactile reference for each key. This way the player can easily find the center of the key. And, the player can feel the keys and after some practice play the instrument without looking at it.

Second, is an ergonomic reason. Look at your hand. Now wiggle your fingers. How did you move them? Did you move them in an out like you were pushing out on something? Or, did you move them in and out in a gripping motion? Fingers were made to grip and this movement which is the same for plucking, picking and scratching is something that fingers excel at. The domes allow pressure to come from an angle other than just from above and this helps with playing dexterity.


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